April 8, 2012

Isaac's Quilt -- Finished!!

I started Isaac's quilt back in November and gave him the quilt top for Christmas. I have finally finished the quilt!!! - and in time to give it to him when I was home for Easter!

I quilted this on the longarm machine that I rent. I did a large loopy pattern. I really like the feel of quilts that have quilting with plenty of space... I like them to snuggle in around me instead of feeling too stiff. I am very proud of this quilting because I secretly quilted his name into the loops. I have tried to take a photo of the name, but I am not sure if you will be able to see it. look for "haller" ...i promise, it's there!

Isaac was very happy to have his quilt finished!!! It even fits on the futon in his room! :)

Tomorrow I will link up to {Sew} Modern Mondays at Canoe Ridge creations!

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