March 15, 2013

I feel like a kid

Do you remember that feeling of anticipation you used to have before a play date? It used to be so much fun to have a friend over to your house - you would get to show them your domain and share all of your fun toys. Well I feel this exact same way now because I am having my friends from DC Modern Quilt Guild over for a sewing day this weekend! I. can't. wait. Eeeek! I am so happy for the opportunity to share my amazing quilting space with others.

When the men aren't home, it always feels shameful that I have all of this space to myself. Here are some photos of our quilting space for the weekend - tables large enough for machines on each side, windows to let in lights, and plenty of outlets! Since the men will be away for spring break, I will have the whole place to myself.

I will have my ironing board and cutting station ready to go - but please feel free to bring more so we can share.

I can't wait to see everyone!


  1. What a great big sewing area!! I'm green with envy, my sewing studio is a small bedroom. It's not too bad for one person, but I can't fit my QFFs in for a play date. Fortunately, DH and I have a small cabin that I can use once in a while. And planning a "play" date is so much fun! Hope yours was wonderful.