March 14, 2013


I've been working on some of the Farmer's Wife blocks!! I told you before that I do not plan to sew all of the blocks - but I still don't know how many I will end up making. I started by pulling fabrics that I want to use in the quilt.

I decided that sewing together a few of these blocks would be a great way to spend a few free hours. In order to streamline the process I decided to pull fabric for 30 of the blocks I want to make. I cut the fabric and templates and then created a baggie for each of the blocks. I made a mess during this process - but it was a lot of creative fun!

I tried to think about the value (lightness or darkness) of fabrics as I selected fabrics for the blocks. I think I am getting better at thinking about this, but I still need to improve my skills in this area. 

Here are all of my farms cut and ready for farming. 

These blocks are small! They only end up measuring 6.5" - This means that the pieces that make up the blocks are pretty tiny. I use the paper templates to cut out the fabric and then lay the pieces out before sewing them together. Here is one of the blocks prepped and ready to be sewn. 

I will be back later this week to 

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  1. your farmer's wife blocks look so great in person. it is amazing how small these blocks are and how much fabric hides in those seams. to make one of the 16 patch HST blocks, you need a 5x10" piece of 2 different fabrics to make one 6" block. that just blows me away.