March 22, 2013


It has been a popular trend in the crafting community to claim a word of the year in January. This word can describe how one plans to live their life, or simply a word to keep in mind through the coming months. I did not share my word with you earlier - but I chose the word COMMUNITY. I chose this word for many reasons: I wanted to continue to become a more active member of the communities I am a part of and I want to continue to become a member of new communities. I also picked this word because there are a lot of pending changes in my life (with graduation and searching for a job) and I wanted to make sure that I factored my communities into that decision.

I bring up my special word today because I had the most amazing time last weekend with my quilt guild. I truly felt a strong sense of community. It has taken me a long time to process the emotions I was left with after the wonderful days quilting with friends. It has been a very long time since I have felt such a strong connection and sense of belonging with a group of people. I loved every conversation, getting to know new friends, and the generosity that is shared among this group.

DC Modern Quilt Guild is a very diverse group of people - yet, we all share a strong passion for fabric, quilting, and the creative process. There were multiple times during the weekend when I wanted to cry because I was so happy. I absolutely love this group of kind souls and cannot begin to explain how much I appreciate each and every person who is a member of this guild.

In closing, here is a photo I took of our work space. I think there were at least 25 sewists at the meeting on Sunday!!!!

And a photo from Instagram of me showing off my Shades of Grey quilt during show and tell :)


  1. Anna, you are so right! We are a lovely, diverse community, and I cherish each chance to get together. I look forward to our quilty adventures this summer! Thank you again for hosting us!

  2. It was a great day! Thanks again!

  3. Anna! I think your word Community is a great one. I'm not sure I would have thought of that. But I love it for the reasons you noted. I have a need to feel like I am part of something too. You are such a bubbly person! I am glad to be part of your community;) I am sure your sewing day was wonderful!