February 7, 2013

Really Random Thursday

My life has been pretty hectic the past two weeks and I am so thankful that it is finally starting to ease back to normal. Here is what I have been up to...

I watched a POD get delivered to my house. Seriously - this was so cool!

I helped run a twelve-day formal recruitment for the Panhellenic sororities. If you are unfamiliar with sorority recruitment, let me just say that it is a very intense and time consuming process where emotions run high! It was a long two weeks!! For info about formal recruitment at UMD check out this link -- it is intense. You have been warned. This is a photo of what it looks like behind-the-scenes of recruitment in the middle of the night. These are some hard working women! 

I started a part-time job mentoring University of Maryland football players. Go Terps!!

 After some issues, I was accepted for graduation. After 8 years of school I will finally receive my masters in May!!

I started taking ballet class, and I'm in love.

I was able to sneak in some quilting time. Yay!!

I attended a student affairs conference and two friends and I were the runners up for a case study competition. We won $250!! (I see a fabric purchase in my future)

And here is my supervisor, Liz, and I showing off our Greek letters on Bid Day! This means we survived our last formal recruitment!!! Woohoo! Approximately 650 women can now enjoy their new homes in the UMD Greek system. :)

My dear friend, Karen, is coming to visit for the weekend and I am hoping to sneak in some stitching while she is here. I am so excited to spend quality time with this love of my life!!

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