February 10, 2013

Heart Garland -- Tutorial

While my friend, Karen, was visiting this weekend we spent some time making this heart garland to decorate her office for Valentine's Day. 

Scraps of fabric (we purchased 1/8 yard cuts at Joann)
1/4 - 1/2 yard felt
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors 
Disappearing ink marker
Heart templates or cardstock

The first step is to cut pieces of fabric, felt, and steam-a-seam that are all the same size. Follow the directions on your steam-a-seam package to adhere the fabric to the felt. 

 Next, Trace heart templates or free-hand your own hearts onto cardstock. I used my cricut to cut out hearts in three different sizes (3" 3.5" and 4"). 

Use the templates and your disappearing ink marker to trace the shapes onto the fabric. Cut out the shapes with fabric scissors. 

Make hearts until you have the desired number for your garland. 

Sew through the hearts. After each heart sew a few additional stitches to make a gap between each individual heart. In quilting, we call this "chain piecing."

Once you have sewn all of the hearts together, you will have a completed garland. Enjoy!

I had so much fun with Karen this weekend. We enjoyed our own Valentines weekend full of delicious food, gossiping, lots of froyo, and Georgetown cupcakes. 

**I will be linking up to Sew Darn Crafty**

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