January 5, 2013

Creative Goals - 2013

So, here they are!! My creative goals for 2013. I actually did pretty well at tackling my goals from last year. I know, there are a LOT of goals here. However, part of being creative is not being locked into anything specifically. Sometimes I want to spend an entire week quilting, but other times I want to try something completely new - like knitting socks. This year I have a lot of goals - but I don't necessarily expect to complete them all.
  • Finish one quilt per month
  • Learn to crochet
  • Blog every week
  • Finally finish a quilt and pillows for my bed
  • Donate a quilt
  • Learn to stipple
  • Write tutorials for my blog
  • Participate in a Block of the Month club
  • Become an active member of DC Modern Quilt Guild
  • Learn to follow clothing patterns - and make myself something
  • End the year with fewer WIPs
  • Find time to be creative at least five days per week
  • Make a quilt with "extra special fabric" (either from Grandma or Africa)
  • Attend a gathering of quilters
  • Learn to knit socks
  • Complete a hand quilted project
  • Teach more friends to sew
  • Sew something with a zipper
  • Make a tshirt quilt for SigEp (the fraternity I live with)
  • Make my Single Girl Quilt
  • Bind a quilt by hand
  • Open my etsy store
  • Set up a booth at a craft show
  • Make "blogging friends"


  1. That's a great set of goals! I'm willing to help you make the knit socks a reality and would love to see you at more DC Mod meetings :)

    1. Thank you, Aubrie!! I will definitely take you up on your offer with the socks. I will attend the next DC Modern meeting that falls on a Saturday when I don't have to work. I would love to see some more of your amazing quilting up close!

  2. Wow! I love your goals as well as you attitude! Maybe the next time you're home, you can teach me a little more about knitting, and I can teach you a little about crocheting.