September 3, 2012


Wow. I ended up taking a summer hiatus from my blog. I have been staying current on the many blogs I follow, but have not been putting in my own work in blogland (oops!). And, honestly, it has felt good. This summer I took a lot of time for me and it has been amazing. Here's what I have been up to...

 I said goodbye to these lovely ladies.

Spent time playing with fabric.

Made a couple road trips back to Ohio.

My dad bought me a bike (thanks dad!) and as a result of all my exercising I lost 21 pounds.

And I spent a great deal of time reading on my front porch.

 The summer was extremely relaxing and was the break I needed from my "real life." I feel great and happy! Now that my house is once again filled with these amazing men, I am ready for a fabulous start to the year!

Bring it on last year of graduate school! GO TERPS!!!!

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