January 19, 2012

My faves: Elaine

Let's say you are spending a month alone on a deserted island and will have no contact with the outside world or the people you love for an entire thirty days. Who is the first person you would want to see at the end of your isolation? For me this is an easy question - I would have to say this girl right here!!


Meet my sister, Elaine.

Showing off a dress I got her for christmas :)

Elaine and I are not biologically related, we do not share a family, and have never lived in the same house. Still, no one can ever tell us that we are not true sisters. Many people who do not know our story assume we are biological sisters (probably because of we each have dark brown hair and green eyes-or maybe we are just that good at playing the role of sisters!)

I have three biological brothers, and was raised with the two younger brothers in my home. Growing up, I loved being a big sister! I spent a great deal of time playing with my brothers and would teach them everything I learned in school. Even though I love my brothers, I have always been disappointed that I did not have a sister. I always believed a sister could complete my life - we could talk about boys and clothes, go shopping together, visit each other at school, and be the maid-of-honor in each others' weddings. I am not a spiritual or religious person, but I do believe in fate, and fate is the only way I can explain how I got my sister.

Elaine and I grew up in the same hometown (Yellow Springs, OH) and we both attended Mills Lawn Elementary - Elaine was in the same grade as my youngest brother, Isaac. Our families knew each other and I even spent time with Elaine one summer picking her up at her house and walking her to summer school. Shortly after that summer, Elaine and her parents moved away from Yellow Springs and I had more-or-less forgotten all about the time we spent together and this beautiful girl.

An old picture from my freshman year of college

Fast-forward approximately six years....
On an ordinary day during my freshman year of college I was eating dinner in my school's cafeteria. While standing in the "pizza line" I thought I recognized the short stature and long braids on the young woman in front of me. I asked if she was Elaine, the girl who had attended Mills Lawn Elementary...and, in fact, it was Elaine! Elaine had the day off school and was eating lunch with her dad at Otterbein (my beloved college). To make a long story short - I was invited for dinner at her house the following week and the rest is history. I became one of Elaine's care providers and had the opportunity to spend many afternoons with Elaine watching High School Musical, playing games, singing, dancing, and of course, shopping! During my senior year I was too busy with other responsibilities to continue hanging out with Elaine after school, but we found plenty of time to spend with each other on weekends.

Elaine and I have done many fun things together, including trips back to Yellow Springs to reunite with friends from elementary, sleepovers at my sorority house, and many many trips to the mall. I had the great privilege of being Elaine's date to her junior and senior proms. In my life I have attended six proms, and Elaine is my favorite date (and is definitely the cutest of them all)!!

Senior Prom, 2011

Over the summer, Elaine and I made a road trip to Maryland and she got to spend a week with me in my apartment!! I have to say that this was one of the most fun and exciting (yet exhausting) weeks of my life! We really lived like college girls :)

Elaine's family moved to the Boston-area over the summer and I have already gotten to visit her three times!! Now that I have finally gotten the sister I always wanted, nothing can keep us apart. Elaine is one of my closest friends, the first person I would want to see after 30-days of solitude, my favorite skype date, the person who can always brighten my day, and my sister. I sure do love this girl and am so happy to have her in my life!

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  1. I love this story! I'm sorry I couldn't give you the sister you wanted, but you always have a way of getting what you want. I'm so glad you found each other again! :)