January 18, 2012

Basting woes

I spent the Monday holiday sewing with my dear friend, Megan. I worked on a few different projects throughout the day, but most important was basting and beginning to quilt Isaac's quilt. I am doing "straight line" quilting on this one (since that is the only thing I can currently do on my sewing machine) and because I think it will look good with all of the straight lines in the quilt. I use the word "straight" loosely though, since I do not have a walking foot and the lines tend to be less than perfect. I still love the way it looks!

Our sewing spread from Monday

Anyway, as I was quilting I noticed that the back was getting rather bunchy and even the front didn't look right. After carefully examining my handiwork I concluded that I had not basted enough and needed to start over! Luckily I only had quilted three lines...but this quilt is big and three lines still equates to a hefty amount of time with my seam ripper. I recently told Megan that I enjoy quilting so much because I truly enjoy each step of the process - I can now say that I do NOT enjoy any part that involves seam ripping. I am almost finished ripping out the last line and will make a second attempt at basting it over the weekend. I have even armed myself with a larger stash of basting pins from Joann's so I can really go at it this time. ;)

In order to take my mind off my basting/quilting woes I spent last night finishing up two pillows that I started on Monday. I have to say that I am nothing less than obsessed with these creations! The presence of these two lovelies on my couch already changes the entire look of my living room. I can't wait to make more soon!! I will write a longer post once my couch is sufficiently covered.

This is a photo of happiness :)

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