January 23, 2012

A great weekend

The next few weeks are going to be crazy around here...classes start back on Wednesday and the two-week sorority recruitment process begins on Thursday. I decided that I needed a weekend of sewing to prepare myself for the upcoming few weeks of insanity. I sure had a great and fun-filled weekend!!

A beautiful package of Ruby fat quarters arrived at my house on Friday!! I had originally ordered these specific prints from Stitches 'n Giggles (all non-directional) with the Swoon pattern in mind. However, once they arrived I knew I had to make more pillows and a simple quilt for my couch. :) I love everything I have made - or am in the process of making- but now I have to purchase new fabric for my Swoon. I REALLY want to participating in the Swoon-a-long after all! I am thinking Amy Butler's Lark fabric. These prints are gorgeous!!

Anyway...here are the pillows I made on Saturday! EEEEK!!! I am completely obsessed with the five pillows I now have for my couch. I am excited that each of them has a different pattern and is quilted in a different way. Later this week I will take close up pictures of the individual pillows and share where I found the patterns and inspiration. I sure do love all of the free tutorials available on quilting blogs!

On Sunday, I cut squares and sewed together a simple quilt top made of Ruby. This throw-sized quilt is going to look adorable on the couch next to all of the happy pillows! While watching Desperate Housewives I decided that I needed a bag to store my new knitting project - so I whipped up my first drawstring bag using the amazing tutorial Jeni has provided on her blog, In Color Order. Thanks Jeni!! I am definitely going to purchase Jeni's pattern to make larger sizes of this bag because I don't think this knitting project will fit in the current bag much longer. ;)

This weekend was a great way to start a hectic week!! 


  1. Your cushions look so amazing! I love the designs, and they work so well with the fabrics you chose. :)

  2. Those are all great pillows. Wonderful job!

  3. These pillows are awesome! You did such a great job :-) What a productive Saturday. Pat yourself on the back.