September 18, 2013

Handi Quilter - Day 2

There are fun quilting-related quotes all over the Handi Quilter headquarters! This would be such a fun place to work!!

I spent yesterday back in the technician classroom. Some of the material covered yesterday was definitely over my head. We talked a lot about the mechanics and the computer system inside the machine - and I have absolutely no background in these topics. I'm not sure I will ever feel comfortable taking someone's machine apart and replacing parts, but I do feel confident that I know enough to run a successful rental program at the shop. I feel confident in trouble shooting issues and in explaining why certain steps must be taken in order to run the machine successfully. 

This is the C-Pod that is installed on one side of the machine. This controls the computer system. On the opposite side of the machine is the P-Pod that controls the power supply. That black bracelet on my left wrist is keeping me grounded so my body did not supply a surge of energy to the machine while I was working

I had to hook the C-Pod to the machine by attaching wires to their corresponding receivers.

I learned a LOT about timing!! I have always heard sewers talk about issues with their machine timing, but I had no idea what that meant. I know understand the theory behind timing and I know how to check (and fix!) the timing on a Handi Quilter!! Essentially, timing controls the stitch formation and is essential to the sewing process.

In the afternoon, we put together the frame that is used with the Handi Quilter Avante. Honestly, I didn't help! Oops!! I was too busy picking the brains of a shop-owner who is already running a successful rental business in her store. I love learning from others!

And today's quilts....


  1. I especially love that last quote!

  2. Were there mostly men or women taking this class?

  3. Were there mostly men or women taking this class?