August 28, 2013

Vacation and a Thank You Quilt

Way back in May I went on vacation and had a great time in Virginia and Delaware! Myself and three friends went on the roadtrip to celebrate two of us finally finishing school!! Check out the ice cream maker loaded in the back of the car - that was my other graduation gift :)

I went to Ocean City, MD for the first time and loved relaxing on the beach and eating lunch at a table in the ocean.

A huge thank you to this guy who made the trip possible!! And, of course, as a thank you I had to make a quilt.

I really wanted to use Washington Redskins colors but it is terribly difficult to find modern fabrics in burgundy and gold - so I ended up adding in University of Maryland colors as well. It is definitely not my favorite quilt I have ever made, but it came together quickly and is large enough to fit a double bed! This quilt was my first experience with extra-wide backing and I am definitely a convert. If you haven't tried this fabric I suggest giving it a whirl! Check out this photo below - don't forget this is a bed size quilt and I only have one piece of fabric for the back!! The photo was taken during the basting stage of the quilting process. Don't worry, I only did this layout to get a photo- I actually added batting between these two layers! 

And here are a few snapshots of the finished quilt. 

I sure am going to miss my old house and this beautiful fire escape in the back that is a great background for photos. ...or maybe I will still take my pics there ;) 

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