June 26, 2013

New York City

Now that my computer is up and working again I can tell you about the fun trip I took with friends a few weeks ago. My friend Rachel, Katherine, and I decided to make last minute plans for a day trip to New York City! I had never been to NYC - and in all honesty, never had much of a desire to make the trip. We had a wonderful and adventurous day!

The story of this trip started at the Orioles game the three of us attended together. Literally, on the drive home after the game we passed a sign for New York City and decided that we must go.

This was my first bus trip. We took the early morning Bolt Bus from DC. The bus was clean, had free wifi, electric outlets at each seat, and only took four hours to get to the city. Plus, we got a great price!!

One of the first things I saw when stepping off the bus in NYC was this giant button and needle. My kind of heaven!

We had amazing pizza for lunch - piled high with veggies! :)

We saw lots of tourist spots in the city including Time Square, FAO Schwartz, and Central Park.

But....of course my favorite part of the trip was a visit to The City Quilter!! :)

Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to go back again. Next time I am willing to skip all of the tourist hangouts in search of the garment district and gorgeous fabric!

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