April 1, 2013

What quilting is all about

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to work with the students at Valley Elementary to make a quilt for their hero, Caulin. You can find previous posts about this quilt here, here, and here

I received a wonderful card from Caulin's mom with this photo of him and his quilt in the hospital. Check out that smile!! Caulin is working hard to overcome cancer and has the support of so many friends at Valley. 

The students at the elementary school made a large poster-sized card for me and all of the students signed their names. I love it!! This is the drawing one of the students made for the front of the card - don't I look cute as a Viking (the school mascot)? He did a great job with the details in this drawing.

I am so happy to know that this quilt is loved and will continue to support Caulin in his fight.


  1. Anna!! That is so sweet! I love hearing the whole story of the quilt, finishing with it being loved. Good Luck to Caulin.

  2. the drawing on that card is hilarious! you seem to be involved in so many good works.