January 7, 2013

January Quilt

I know there have been many posts recently about goals for the new year but I really must post another! I will be joining in a "linky party" called A Lovely Year of Finishes. Each month I will post about one item that I want to finish during that month. At the end of each month everyone who has completed their project will be in a raffle for fun quilting prizes!! Sounds like fun!

It was difficult to decide which ONE thing I really, really, want to get done this month - and know I will actually finish. I have selected my Jelly Filled quilt. If you have ever talked to me about my love of quilting and fabric, you know that I am absolutely in love with fabric designed by the mother and daughter team, Bonnie and Camille, for Moda fabrics. I absolutely adore everything they create. I am also slightly addicted to the patterns Camille designs through her business Thimble Blossoms. Aren't these the most adorable patterns you have ever seen? 

This quilt is made using Vintage Modern fabric from Bonnie and Camille and follows the pattern Jelly Filled, designed by Camille. This quilt will look great on my couch and I can't wait to have it finished!! I have actually been making some progress on this quilt and can't wait to upload some more photos so you can see what I have been doing. If you have the Instagram app on your iPhone you can follow along with what I am working on. My username is @HootnHaller

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