January 18, 2013

Giant Stars of December

I guess I really fell in love with Jeni's Giant Vintage Star tutorial in December. The quilt looks fresh and modern and is really quick to piece together! I made three of them this past December. I think that each of them has a very different feel even though they are the same pattern and I did all with wavy quilting - the fabrics really change up the look. 

The first quilt I made as a Christmas gift for our chef, Ernestine. Life in a fraternity house is always full of boys so it is really nice that I have another woman around each day. Ernestine has been wanting a quilt for a long time and I am glad I was finally able to make her one. The fabrics for this come from Primitiva by Jane Dixon for Andover Fabrics and Kona solids. I am pretty sure the background is Kona Fern.

The second quilt is a manly quilt - though I will not disclose the recipient because he still hasn't received the quilt. shhh. For this one I chose four prints from Curious Nature by Parson Gray. I used Kona Ash as the background. 

The final quilt has already been blogged about, what given as a wedding gift. I used eight prints from Denyse Schmidt's Chickopee line and Kona Bone for the background. 

I really think I need to make one of these quilts for myself!! 

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