March 7, 2012

Preparing for Spring Break

Many college students prepare for spring break by stocking up on swim suits, shorts, trashy magazines, and suntan lotion. Not me! I am preparing for spring break by stocking up on fabric. :) I am so excited for spring break, I can barely stand it. My big and exciting plans include sewing, playing on my new machine, quilting, spending quality time on pinterest, and blogging. WOOHOO!!!

In preparation for spring break I have spent time ironing fabric and cutting it up so I can sit down at the machine for hours at a time!! I also think that I will invest in a full-size ironing board for all of the fun I will be having soon. (Yay! This means a trip to Target!)

Check out some of the wonderful mail I have received that is making this wait to spring break unbearable. I know the picture is pretty crummy, but the sun was already going down and the lighting in my apartment is far from ideal.

It was such a nice day today and some of the men spent the afternoon hanging out on the front porch, which is where they were when the mail arrived. They may never let me live down the fact that I had three packages of fabric delivered in the same day. I was told that the mail carrier even said, "wow, an old lady must live here." However, I think they made this last part up. :)

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