March 6, 2012

Made in Cherry

Way back in January I decided that I would take part in the Made in Cherry quilt along that was hosted over at Pins & Bobbins (I even have the button on my blog to prove it!). Sadly, the only thing I did on schedule was select and purchase my fabric. I finally have gotten around to the sewing step - and boy is this quilt HUGE! I could not really comprehend the size of an 80"x80" quilt until now. After piecing the center square I realized that this is only 1/4 the size of the finished quilt - and it is already large. I have also pieced four of the eight points. So exciting!

An 80"x80" quilt is large, which means that it needs a large amount of fabric for the backing. I had a very retro looking print from this DS Quilts collection in mind for the backing, and have been waiting for a good deal at Joann. Yesterday I used my 50% off coupon to purchase it - and you will never believe this, there was only 6 1/3 yard left - and I needed 6 1/4. It really was my lucky day!!! I walked out of the store with exactly the fabric I wanted for under $35!

Here is a picture of the center square...

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