January 5, 2012


My resolution for the year is to blog more frequently and to become an active member of the online quilting community. I know, I know...not doing so hot since it is already the 5th and I haven't blogged yet. However, I already have two quilt finishes for the year!! - which means I now have things to blog about. Reminds me a lot of the chicken and the egg debate...what came first the quilt or the blog post?

I hope to write 2-3 times per week during January. As I get into the swing of blog-land I need some structure to my posts. I have decided that I will dedicate Thursdays to my favorite things. :) Every Thursday I hope to post about something I love. I know today is Thursday, but I think I will start this next week. Right now I am on an Amtrak train traveling from DC to Boston and the wi-fi doesn't want me to upload any pictures. Bummer! Guess you will have to wait until next Thursday to learn about something near and dear to me!!

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