January 5, 2012

My Faves: OWLS

Hoot, hoot, hoot - I'm a hooting owl - and this I'm proud to be! If you can't tell from my blog name (and twitter), I LOVE OWLS!!! I think my feelings for owl trinkets goes far beyond a normal admiration and is definitely borderline obsessive. My apartment is full of owl statues, mugs, magnets, pictures, and stuffed animals. Every single one of the hooters in my arsenal of owl things is well loved!

A display of owls at the Museum of Natural History in DC

I am the member of a local sorority, Sigma Alpha Tau, more affectionately known as "The Owls." Since 2008 I have adored my life as an owl, and in turn have fallen in love with these adorable creatures. When I graduated from college in 2010 I gave a large chunk of my collection away to women still in the undergraduate chapter - but I think I am back to owning as many as I had before graduation. Each of the owls that I currently own has come from a special place or person. I have no idea how I will ever trim down my collection. Good thing I don't have to downsize anytime soon!!
This is a picture of some of my owls displayed in my room at the sorority house. I never took any good photos :(

Ironically, I have not purchased any owl fabric since I started quilting. I own some adorable owl flannel that I purchased during college - but I don't have any of those cute prints that are on the market right now. I think I may need invest in some hooter fabric soon. One can never have too many owls!!

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