January 10, 2012

Quilting goals for 2012

I love to create lists. I make lists of just about anything for the pure enjoyment and relaxation that comes with writing multiple words in a straight line on the page. I LOVE lists. Because I love lists, I tend to make my lists longer than they really should be. For example, I will add things to a to-do list until the page is full...even though it is nearly impossible that I will finish all of the tasks that particular day. I love to see a long list of words, tasks, or items. I am saying all of this to get to the point that I probably have come up with too many goals for 2012. But that's ok. Here is a list of things that I would like to do this year. IF my list is too long that is perfectly ok, I will just use the remaining items as a start to next year's list. :)

  • Participate in a quilt along
  • Grow my fabric stash
  • Finish all of the Christmas gifts I wanted to make in 2011
  • Make a quilt and pillows for my bed
  • Learn to embroider
  • Finish 20 projects (quilts, knitted projects, etc.)
  • Complete 100 blog entries
  • Finish 20 projects
  • Sew two things that are not quilts (they have to be different-not two pillows)
  • Join (and become active in) a quilt guild
  • Attend a gathering of quilters (retreat, quilt market, sewing summit, etc)
  • Make a quilt to donate to charity
  • Write a tutorial
  • Make a quilt that does not follow a pattern

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