September 26, 2011

Why quilting?

Quilting is a craft that I have been interested in learning for quite some time. I first attempted to learn four years ago, but was unsuccessful because I did not have the time, space, or money I felt necessary to make patchwork quilts. Instead I purchased a book from a local craft store and started to make zippy strippy quilts. This pattern is genius because it only takes a few hours and straight-line sewing to create a beautiful gift. I have probably made close to 15 of these quilts for family and friends.

My next adventure into quilting happened three years ago when a friend told me about the simplicity pattern for an owl rag quilt. I was/am so proud of this cute quilt!!

Now that I am starting my second year of graduate school I think that it is time to seriously delve into the world of quilting. I spent this summer reading an assortment of quilting blogs, checking out books, watching YouTube videos, and attempting to teach myself some of the basic skills. Needless to say, I need help! I am sure I will blog about some of the projects I have started (and almost finished) so far, but they leave much to be desired. 

This weekend I attended my first two quilting classes and had a BLAST!! I had great conversations with wonderful quilters, learned new skills, and purchased some beautiful fabric. I already know that quilting is for me!

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