June 23, 2013

One Proud Mamma

It has been over a month since I uploaded photos to my computer. I have been having some serious technical difficulties because the laptop I got only four years ago is out-of-date and I have been trying to update a few things so I could get it working again. I am so excited to have iphoto running! This means I can start to share blogposts again :)

At the end of the school year we always have a large banquet for fraternities and sororities, Greek Awards. The most coveted awards presented are the President's Cup that is given to the most outstanding organizations on campus. I am so proud to say that the men I live with won!! I always brag about them and tell everyone how much I love them - but it makes me happy to see that others see how amazing they are as well! Congratulations SigEp!!!

1 comment:

  1. Anna, congratulations to SigEp on this award! I feel as though you have had a great positive influence on them. So glad you have gotten back into being able to post some pictures!