April 5, 2013

The first half of my twenties

Today is my twenty-fifth birthday. I have been thinking a lot about my twenties and how amazing the past five years have been. I am incredibly thankful for so many wonderful opportunities that have been available to me. Here are 25 great things that have happened so far. Can't wait to see what the next five years have in store!!


1. The amazing trip I took to Malawi during my senior year at Otterbein
2. Developing real relationships with my brothers
3. Learning to quilt
4. Choosing to live in the Owl House (my sorority house) for my senior year of college
5. Coming to the University of Maryland
6. Learning to say "no" to added responsibilities and things I don't want to do
7. Losing 25 pounds
8. Becoming a house mom
9. Going on road trips
10. Having the opportunity to say good-bye to both of my grandfathers
11. Living out the motto "make new friends but keep the old"
12. Attending both of Elaine's proms
13. Serving on the Otterbein Board of Trustees
14. Staying in graduate school for a third year
15. Finding time to read non-academic books
16. Starting my blog
17. Learning about the existence of froyo
18. Writing thank you cards
19. Reading the book Eat, Pray Love
20. I've had the honor of being in many friends weddings
21. Getting to know the amazing men of SigEp
22. Graduating from Otterbein College in 2010
23. Having deviated septum surgery that finally ended the frequent nosebleeds
24. Buying my sewing machine - picking her out and paying for her on my own
25. Spending part of my twenties as a single lady



  1. What a wonderful touching list! Happy birthday! Welcome the openness that is ahead...five years from now it will be great to see what adventures and experiences they hold.

  2. What a great list. I'm sure you have all sorts of fun and exciting things in store for the next 5!
    Linda F.