April 7, 2013

2013 Quarter 2 Goals

I am linking up to the second quarter of the Finish Along. Here is what I hope to work on during the next three months...

1. Gifts for some special people

2. My Farmer's Wife squares

3. Baste and quilt my xplus top

4. Finish this gift and tutorial for the blog

5. This picnic blanket/quilt

6. My Christmas quilt

7. Monocromatic (very unlikely that I will finish this one)

8. The Made in Cherry quilt

9. This baby quilt has been basted and is ready for quilting

10. I need to make more of my spider web blocks

11. I want to make progress on my Single Girl Quilt

11. Another gift that needs to be finished

12. I really want to finish my Swoon quilt

13. And I will definitely finish Shortcake - I am almost finished binding this one!


  1. Wow--that's a big goal for one quarter! Good luck!! The quilts are all going to be beautiful.

  2. i thought this was your plan for one month! then i looked closer and still decided that this was a little bit crazy to plan for 3 months. but, i'll support you with as many sewing days here as you can tolerate :)

  3. Lots of pretty quilts in progress! Good luck.
    Linda F.

  4. You have some lofty goals! way to go.

    I just love the peek at your shortcake quilt. The backing and binding are sweet!

  5. I love the picnic quilt! Hmmm, that might be good for one of the baby quilts I have to do....

  6. That is a lot of quilting... have fun!