February 28, 2013

Really Random Thursday - February 28

Last Monday I had a little quilting-related incident. I burnt myself on my iron while pressing blocks. At first I thought I was fine, but this poor wound has been really infected for over a week and is finally starting to heal. Do not let beautiful quilts fool you - this is a dangerous hobby!

 A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am mentoring University of Maryland football players. Here is the awesome view from one of the study rooms. 

Check out this beauty that I found at Target!! I am obsessed and really want it - though it isn't practical. And, honestly, I still really want the light blue or mint green one. 

And, lastly, I have been making progress on a quilt that I started in December 2011. I am almost done with all of the blocks for this queen-sized quilt! Yay!!!

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  1. Love your photo with the pretty pearl pins! And I can see from your blocks that we have similar likes!! PS I love my Kitchen Aid!!

  2. That IS a really pretty Kitchenaid. I would love one in bright orange. How did you get an iron burn so close to your elbow??

  3. I too love the kitchenAde mixer and I don't have one for the same reason, mine would be lime green if I could!

  4. I'd love an orange, or maybe aqua, Kitchen Aid. but the price tag always scares me away :)