April 28, 2012

The Grandfather Quilts

My paternal grandfather was admitted to hospice last week. Being all the way in Maryland, I knew that I wanted to do something for him in the days before I was able to make a trip back to Ohio. I decided that a quilt was in order! I picked up the fabrics from the Denyse Schmidt lines at Joann. I chose the plaid first because it reminds me of an old man. I quilted this in straight lines 1/4" from each side of the seams. I absolutely love the look of the patchwork squares!

I cut the fabric into 5" squares for this quilt. I forgot to take final measurements of the quilt, but it was the perfect small lap quilt to fit over him in his hospital bed.

Since I was making a quilt for my dad's dad, I figured I should make one for my other living grandparent, my mom's dad. I used the same fabrics to make this quilt, but chose to make varying sized strips. This one is quilted using the wavy quilting tutorial from Bijou Lovely.

My dad was such a great model and held up the quilts in the sun!!

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  1. How beautiful such wonderful gifts to give!! I love them both!!