April 1, 2012

First quarter check-in

I know it is April 1st, but this post is no joke!!! The start of April marks more than just April Fools Day, it also means that this year is one-quarter of the way over. Wow! Time really has been flying by!

I thought that since we are three months into the year this was a good time for me to re-evaluate the quilting goals I set for myself in the year 2012. Below i have pasted my original list of goals and have detailed the progress I am making to completing these goals. I really am making progress people!!

Quilting Goals 12
  • Participate in a quilt along (I signed up for one but did not follow the timeline. Will try again later in the year!)
  • Grow my fabric stash (I have definitely been purchasing fabric!!)
  • Finish all of the Christmas gifts I wanted to make in 2011 (Making progress! I have finished three and have four more to go)
  • Make a quilt and pillows for my bed (I have started the quilt - finished the pillows but decided they needed to live on the couch)
  • Learn to embroider
  • Finish 20 projects (quilts, knitted projects, etc.) (So far I have finished 7 quilts, 7 pillows, and one drawstring bag!)
  • Complete 100 blog entries 
  • Sew two things that are not quilts (they have to be different-not two pillows) (done! I have made pillows and the drawstring blanket)
  • Join (and become active in) a quilt guild (I have joined, but need to attend my first meeting!)
  • Attend a gathering of quilters (retreat, quilt market, sewing summit, etc) (Registering for Sewing Summit this week)
  • Make a quilt to donate to charity (done! I donated the quilt to the Ethiopia auction)
  • Write a tutorial
  • Make a quilt that does not follow a pattern 9Technically the zig zag quilt did not follow a pattern)

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