March 1, 2012

Pillows, pillows, pillows!!

I am finally going to tell you about how I made all those new pillows for my couch!! First, I used Angela's amazing tutorial to make all of the pillows with an envelope back. Her tutorial for a basic pillow is great and easy to follow. I also used her idea of making a pillow out of patchwork squares for one of my original pillows. I used charm squares (5") for this pillow.

Next up is the chevron pillow. I used the concept of value to make this pattern. I first started thinking about value when I began reading Katie's blog at Sew Katie Did. Check out this link for a great lesson on seeing value. 

The pattern for this next quilt is from Fresh Lemon's Solstice Star Series. This particular block is called the Ribbon Star. I really like the way I quilted this one!

This next pillow is made using the pattern for the Oh Fransson! Sparkle Punch Quilt Along. I have most of my squares cut to make a large quilt in this patter, but making a pillow took so much less time! 

I really can't remember where I got the inspiration for this last pillow. This is a classic block that I have seen in multiple places since I first started following quilt blogs and checking out quilts on Pinterest. I really like the way I quilted this with straight lines. 

Fabric for all of these pillows comes from Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. I am absolutely obsessed with this fabric line and can't wait to finish the two quilts I have started in this fabric. :) The negative space on all five pillows is, my favorite, Kona White. All five pillows have an envelope back and I used fabrics I had purchased in the clearance section of Fabric Shack to make the backs. I purchased all pillow forms on sale at Joann. for the first two I purchased the high end products, but I do not like the feel of those as much as I do the middle-of-the-road pillow forms I purchased the second time around. 

Happy quilting!


  1. When you quilted these, did you put just another piece of fabric on the back? Or did you just sew the front? I always wonder about that with pillows. It seems like you would need another piece of fabric so there is more to it, but then that could add bulk, etc.

    1. I used a piece of batting behind the top and quilted that way. Then I added an extra piece of fabric to help the pillow slide in easily. This is what Angel suggested in this tutorial and I think it worked really well.

  2. That's a mess of good pillows! I love them all.