February 27, 2012

Oasis Sampler

I can't believe I am finally blogging about a quilt that I finished and gifted back in January. Whew! I made this quilt as a Christmas gift for Elaine's family. I had the opportunity to take the Amtrak train to visit them in Boston during the beginning of January and finished this quilt just in time to make the trip with me!

This quilt is very special, not only because it has found a home with such a wonderful family, but because it is constructed with the blocks I made in my beginner quilting class. There are five styles of block: rail fence, square dance, 9-patch, 9-patch variation, flying geese, and log cabin. We used the book Start Quilting with Alex Anderson for our class. I made this quilt out of a fat eighth bundle of Oasis by 3 Sisters for Moda. The sashing is a white on white floral print that I found at the quilt shop. The backing fabric is something I picked up in the clearance section of Fabric Shack

After basting the quilt i used masking tape to help me with diagonal line quilting. The lines are definitely not perfect - again, I don't have a walking foot. Regardless of how strait the lines are (or aren't!) I really like the way the quilting looks and makes this one feel. 

 I know this quilt is getting a lot of love! I skype with Elaine frquently and she likes to show me the quilt that "her sister - Anna" made for her. I am so happy she likes it!!

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  1. Love the colors and I'm impressed if this is from your beginner class. I won't show anyone my beginner quilt!